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Glass Insulated Lunch Box

Glass Insulated Lunch Box

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Product Description

Buy High Quality Glass insulated lunch box which Can be Customized From Our Factory in China

 We are convinced that with joint endeavours, the small business between us will bring us mutual benefits. We could assure you products quality and competitive selling price for Factory making China Glass Insulated Lunch Box, We are highly aware of quality, and have the certification ISO/TS16949:2009. We are dedicated to supply you high quality products with reasonable price.
Factory making China Lunch Box and Glass Insulated Lunch Box price, Our company always committed to meet your quality demand, price points and sales target. Warmly welcome you open the boundaries of communication. It is our great pleasure to service you if you need a trusted supplier and value information.

Quick details

Product Name:Thermal lunch box

Applicable people: all

Material: Glass

Function: keep the drink hot and cold

Thermal insulation performance: 24 hours

Bottle type: vacuum

Shape: belly cup

Production: Vacuum flask

Brand: Keyster

Place of production: Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Glass Insulated Lunch Box



1. Excellent liner quality

Long-lasting insulation, easy to carry, complete specifications

2. Liner detail

Large capacity, smooth appearance, not easy to leak

3. Insulation liner

Careful production, bright color, not easy to deform

4. The sharp corner of the liner

Small size, easy to install, large quantity favorably


● This product is a glass liner structure. It is forbidden to heat directly on the stove.

● Do not scrub with steel balls and other chemical solutions (strongly corrosive).

● Do not place the heat preservation container near a heat source such as a stove to prevent the plastic parts from being deformed by heat.

● Do not store tea, juice, or dairy products in the container for a long time (more than 1 day) to prevent deterioration and odor.

● Do not expose children to insulated containers containing hot water or other foods to avoid burns.

● When cleaning, do not wash with a dishwasher or the like.

● When placing ice cubes, do not force large ice cubes that exceed the size of the mouth of the container into the container.

●Please check the lunch box liner and cap frequently. If it is found to be broken or worn, it should be replaced immediately. Avoid hot water leaks and burns the body.

● Please handle with care, do not invert, squeeze, impact, avoid deformation and depression of the container, reduce insulation performance.

Why choose us?

1. We are the only manufacturer in China that is still producing glass liners for insulated lunch boxes.

2. Glass material insulation thermos bottle liner is more environmentally friendly and safer than stainless steel liner, and will not decompose harmful substances.

3. The company supports customizing various types of glass liners.

4. It can provide three kinds of environmental protection grades of medium and high temperature, which meet the import standards of any country in the world.

Glass Insulated Lunch Box


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